“In all my travels the only place where the people don’t want their own nationhood. A people so colonised they have very little identity or self respect left. Ginger hair with tartan bonnets, bagpipes and lots of hot air! Oh the shame! A timorous people hiding under the skirt of their colonial masters! Oh the shame! Is it not the nature of things that a people should want their independence?” 

      Before I slip off the plate, I want to see the Last Colony listed, using its proper name, in a Microsoft Windows localisation drop down selector. I want to cheer Saltire draped Scottish athletes at the Olympics and I want to hear a Scottish diplomat addressing the UN assembly with a Glasgow accent! But most of all I want to witness the people of the Last Colony  regaining control of their own destiny. To walk the walk of freedom, self control and national pride.
      I have no doubt that as an independent nation we will  comfortably take our place along side the great nations of this world and have a positive impact on the future of mankind.
First an exorcism of  that colonial malaise must take place …. long instilled  fears must be exorcised, eyes must be opened and honest voices heard …. Its our time and our moment in history  …. but maybe also our last chance! 
      This Blog is my sounding board to explore why, we as a people, seem unable or unwilling to break free from colonial rule. Why we prefer subjugation and self-delusion above self promotion and national pride.
I dare say that along the way I’ll comment on some of the other ‘bullshit’ out there … after all there is plenty of it……. Media hype, Political deceit, Commercial greed and much more!
      Our earth ship, like the Titanic is heading through dangerous waters and like the Titanic its ‘Captains’ take no  heed of the warnings from the crew, being more attentive to  ‘speed records’ and ‘company profits’ and ‘partying’ ! And as ever, skulking behind it all, are the ‘Bankers and Wall street Profiteers’ shuffling fate to optimise their gain, with not a moments remorse for the suffering they cause. 
A world governed by worm tongues & bank clerks!

Is it too late for the Last Colony?