The Scottish Constitution

Welcome to the People’s Constitution of Scotland. Let the conversation begin.

 In the absence of any real debate offered either by the Scottish or Westminster Governments that engages the ordinary person in the street about their role in writing a Constitution for an Independent Scotland, this site has been set up to facilitate that voice.

~ The sole purpose of this site is to engage the ordinary Scot in a debate about what a Constitution is, its importance and what it could look like.

~ If this forum succeeds in engaging enough people from across the country, enough view points and opinions and ultimately a consensus, an agreed vision of what the Peoples Constitution should look like, then when the time comes, it may, by virtue of having been established in so many peoples minds, form the basis of the peoples demands and expectations on those tasked to write the official and legally binding Scottish Constitution.

~ If you like what you see and hear, its legitimacy and ultimately our aim, then it is important that you not only offer your views, but you also spread the word, by linking this site to all your friends and social network groups that have a stake in the future of an Independent Scotland. Time is running out … whatever plans the UK or Scottish Government have to enlighten the public about constitutional affairs, it seems unlikely given their silence, that they intend to expend much effort in that  process. Without public oversight and control over the establishment of our constitution that will define how our democracy develops over the next few centuries, what we will end up with  most likely will be written by the establishment for the establishment and we the people of Scotland will be little better off after independence than before. 

~ This forum assumes that the Scottish people will decide to do what all peoples given this opportunity have done in the past and vote for self rule, for Independence.

LINK: The Peoples Constitution of Scotland