The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) determine the nature and composition of the flu vaccines that are used. The viruses mutate regularly so there is no standard formulation. The WHO monitor and sample outbreaks around the world trying to establish which strains are the most threat. They then instruct governments and the industry as to which strains they should formulate for , for the coming year. The process from decision on strains to being available for use takes about a year, therefore it must be appreciated that whatever is used is a best guesstimate as to what may actually develop. Because viruses can mutate and spread very rapidly, thanks to all you who think unfettered travel is a good thing, strains can land on our doorstep that were not even in existence a year ago.
Sad as this case is … it is just the tip of the iceberg. Pandemics pose a far greater threat to you than nuclear bombs or ISIS. But of-course whilst so many of the elites are making a fortune of travel and tourism … you are not likely told be told the true story.

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