On Scotlands Oil

Independence Scotland

Its All about the OIL

Everything else is just smoke, mirrors and English jingoism!

England, London, the Westminster Unionist cabal, the Colonial Establishment have been mainlining Scottish Oil for over 40 years.

A habit that has seen billions of pounds squandered in propping up an establishment culture , locked into grandiose delusions of its imperial past. 
A habit that has become a dependency so great, it now underpins the entire London based financial sector, and without which to service its debts, England would be another Greek basket-case. Don’t let anyone fool you, The United Kingdom, Great Britain, the British Isles, the One Nation State‘ mantra being propagandised at every opportunity by the colonists is nothing more than a guise to legitimise continued and unfettered access to the Last Colonies oil. 

Sure Scotland has many other valuable assets that generate substantial revenue for the UK exchequer, Fisheries, Food, Whisky, Tourism .. to name but a few, but compared to the magnitude of Scotlands oil wealth, they almost pale into insignificance . The scale of which has been deliberately and systematically hidden from the public by successive UK governments as each in turn has plundered it for personal and political gain. 
Scotlands Oil wealth is used extensively to put a smile on flawed and failed policies, to fund dreams of past imperial glory , to engage in holy crusades of regime change, to bail out a corrupt banking system and to buy a seat around the big table at the UN …… the list of duplicity, mismanagement, nepotism, corruption and criminal negligence is long and shameful.

*UPDATE: On the title graphic – Apparently the Norwegian fund now  (2021)  stands at over £1 trillion.

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