The Smell of Oil

2016 Daily Record

EU's chief Brexit negotiator says Scotland gets 'automatic entry into union'.

FORMER Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt has been appointed to co-ordinate the European Parliament's response to the UK's bombshell departure.

D W "Of course he says that .. he knows where the oil is ... and he wants it just like the english."
D M "And pray tell how he gets the oil.......Not that I believe him anyway but I'm interested how the EU steals ones oil, in your own words."


First I would ask you to read this. A year or three out of date but nevertheless still reflects my overall view of Scotlands place in Europe.
Link to Scotland in Europe 

In order to answer your question I want first to mention a few points that clarify my position in a wider sense.

* I believe in establishing principles that thereafter define the boundaries within which we make our decisions and make policies . Far to often nowadays we see policies for the benefit of 'economy', 'profit' and personal 'greed' .. taking precedence over principle.   This is not just some whim statement. I am a passionate constitutionalist, involved daily in the development of ideas for a Scottish Peoples Constitution. I try hard to live my life by principles and not by the diktats and propagandised conditioning of those who believe in 'convenient' policy before principle.

The Smell of Oil

* Progress is made through change. Change inevitably comes with risks. Risk is the balance between 'pain' and 'gain' . Rarely is progress made without some pain. An inability to evaluate the risk-gain paradigm  in a rational and balanced way ... will inevitably lead to poor decisions. 

* We saw this happen in Scotland during the IndyRef1 campaign and by the result. Once the the Colonial establishment realised they might  actually loose, they ramped up the state controlled propaganda machine to maximum. Every agency of the establishment, in every department was ordered to seek ways of disseminating false, misleading and confusing information that would undermine the case for independence. At the heart of that was the Establishment and Corporate owned and controlled MSM. A leopard does not change its spots. 

* In my opinion the reason people voted to leave the 'EU' (as distinct from Europe) was three fold ;  
a) There were genuine issues raised by the imposition by Brussels, in disregard of the democratic wishes of some member states, of the Lisbon Treaty. These issues are real and are of a constitutional nature. From the real long term political objectives of what was  promised  to be only a 'trading' union to the ceding of member state sovereignty  and the establishment of direct control over all  member  states resources .. were set in motion by the Lisbon treaty.
As  'El Presidento of the EU (Though he wants you to think  Europe)' Jean-Claude Juncker has said on several occasions  ...
(I paraphrase)  'The EU will not give in to the democratic will of any one member nation.' 
b) Whatever motives Cameron had for calling the EU referendum in the first place, after his initial complacency about the possibilty of loosing the Scottish referendum and then flushed with his subsequent victory , he decided to employ the same Smear and Fear tactics during the EU-Ref campaign,  rather than waste time and effort argueing a positive case to remain in the EU. Totally failing to deliver any  legitimate and reasoned arguments in  support of the Lisbon treaty ( something which still UK Remainers,  find hard to do).

So the Establishment conducted an MSM barrage of personality assassination, fake news, misdirection media and political thuggery directed at anyone who dared to profess support for the idea that the EU might not be the best course to steer. 
The thing is the English public aren’t the same kind of spineless servile sheep ... you find all to common north of the border. 
The overconfident use of the recently victorious  'Scots to Crush'  strategy used by  the  colonial establishment  backfired big time.       
c) A no doubt contentious view now, but one I hope you read without a hat on. Over the years, when I've gone to the pub or other such places where people gather in an atmosphere of conviviality , where they don’t feel scrutinised and judged ... when discussing the woes of life .. invariably some issues surface time and time again. Regardless of the basis of those concerns , to them they are real issues. These people, most of whom I would classify as normal folk with various degrees of concern, reflect the issues that should have been  addressed by the political classes but seemingly weren't. Simply being collectively  labelled as fascist or racist or bigot or scumbag did not answer their concerns nor how they would vote. Whether that’s a democratic disconnect at the Westminster level or Brussels is arguable, but again a disconnect  that the establishment were reluctant to talk about. 
Leaving aside the MSM driven barrage of vitriol and misreporting of matters concerning Farrage ... the same kind as perpetrated on Salmond and latterly Sturgeon .. leaving that aside , but looking at the hundreds, if not thousands of hours of YouTube video of Farrage in  Brussels and else where ... what you see is a man attempting to represent those concerns. No one else , not one remainer politician ever came close to articulating those concerns and offering some kind of resolution.
I’ve watched many hours of his speeches and interviews ... and I cant recall one in which I thought he deserved the vitriol dished out to him by the media or media 'informed'  public.
That’s not to say I’m a Farrage fan or support his political aims but in all my life the have only ever been a handful of politicians that have stood for election on a specific platform and delivered it. 

So where are we now ... 

A corporate MSM desperately trying to make amends for its disastrous intervention in the Brexit result. By maintianing they same propogandised reporting, misdirection and distortion of the reality of the situation.
A corporate Establishment desperate to maintain their EU cash cow. Proof once again that the corporate elite dont give a monkeys toss about anything other than their profits. 
A corporate Political class divided by which side of the channel they have their hedge funds invested. Corrupt politicians who would sell their daughters into prostitution to stay in power, telling us to believe them when they say .. The EU is what has saved us all ... from tyranny, poverty and hunger.  
An electorate with no one listening even if they had a voice that could be heard. ..... An electorate who have forgotten how to think for themselves , plugged into the digital stream of MSM bull .. lost in a fantasy world where Kings and Queens sparkle with benevolent magnificance.
And fear, like IndyRef ... lots of fear ..always deflecting from the central issues, the fundamental principles, the important things that have long term consequences,  to the temporary, transient and trivial things. Forget the mountains ... zoom the media cameras onto the molehills! 
Every story, every comment, every speech ... propagandised content, seeking to render the electorate incapable of evaluating  the risk-gain paradigm  in a rational and balanced way!

Am I the only one who can see the this, the same unionist smear and fear and misdirection that crushed the Scots!  
No valid arguments dealing with the concerns of people, about the matters that will have lasting impacts for future generations.  
Freedom to choose between two diktats is neither freedom nor democracy. 

How will they do it? Steal the Oil that is ....  by the  The Lisbon Treaty and their declared intention and current implementation of platforms for a federal union. The United States of Europe! 

If you read the Lisbon treaty , you will, if you understand the politicoSpeak,  see numerous clauses that allow for the expansion in various forms of  EU centralised control over member states 'assets' and 'resources' .
Legislation has already been passed to lay the foundations for the future implementation of such actions. 
Verhofstadt is a member of the senior circle of EU thinkers, shapers and movers ..
He has his finger on the pulse of the current political climate of the ruling cabal.
Like Junker .. when he says something it carries weight. I think he makes it quite clear what the road ahead will look like.

Following recent oil discoveries in Scotttish waters particuluarly with the results from recent west coast drilling Scotland probably has the largest oil reserves anywhere in Europe and in the top ten worldwide.  Do you really think that this has escaped Verhofstadts thinking?
Like Colonial Englands desire to keep dominion over Scotland in order to exploit its  oil .. so the similarly remote, unrepresentative Union in Brussels would love us to cede our oil in exchange for a 0.5% voice. 

No thank you .

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