Just Skin Deep

Looking back at 2014, it seems so far away now, but as we move into 18 and ever nearer to ScotRef2 , we must take stock of the much changed and constantly shifting political landscape that  is Scottish politics, in order to best navigate a sure path to Independence. 
My comments in this post are directed at just one of the  areas I have concerns about and that I believe the Yes movement as a whole are getting wrong and which is undermining  the effectiveness of all our efforts to advance the cause towards Scottish Independence.

Historically Scots people have been regarded as being more left than those south of the border in both a political and a cultural sense. They tend to be more socially orientated, more empathetic towards their neighbour than those further south and this is for good reason. We are a culture  born out of a nation   much of whose  population lived in very remote and climatically hostile settlements strung along the coastlines and glens of Scotland,  separated by vast uninhabited mountainous regions. Its not surprising that people regarded the well being of their neighbouring villages and towns , who were vital in the supply of goods and resources to them as they were to their neighbours next in the chain, its not surprising we still have the remnants of that empathy and connection in our culture today. 

Just Skin Deep
Just Skin Deep

So yes , when it comes to a political confrontation we naturally are more hostile to the right and the selfish nature Toryism. 
Yes its not surprising to see the Indy movement ( and the SG ) almost exclusively targeting Toryism and Tory policies as being our sole nemesis . 
So I have a question for you. (Not just rhetorical either ... there is a comments section below! ) 
What if tomorrow with my magic-wand I did 'vanish' the Tory party! 
Poooof Gone! 
Do you really think anything would change , with regards to Scotland? 
Do you really think a Corbyn lead Westminster government with a hotch-potch of LibDems and others in  opposition would deliver anything significantly different to the current slash and burn policies being employed by Westminster to maintain control over Scotlands resources.? 
Do you? I don’t .

Which then begs the question.

Why are we targeting the Tories almost exclusively when we know that even if they were totally rendered inconsequential , nothing would change .. further more, in whose interest is it that we  focus on the wrong target ?
I grew up in the colonies. I watched, listened and learnt how English colonialism worked. 
I understand the language and subtle undertones of colonial-speak, the language of mastery, ownership and control. 
When I first arrived in Scotland , aged 12 .. it took me all of two weeks to realise I had just moved from one English colony to another. 
As a boy I attended, as a participant, with military  pomp and ceremony the investiture of the Governor General of Scotland at Edinburgh castle, under the full coverage of the BBC and worlds press. Something which appeared to me that everyone else seemed to think was a quite normal 'governmental appointment' , but to me , even with the world view of a then thirteen year old, it seemed awkwardly at odds with the notion of Scotland being an equal partner in a mutually beneficial union, that was being taught to me. 
To me Governor General, like District Commissioner, like Viceroy and many more, were appointments of Colonial power. 
Representatives of the monarch and defenders of monarchs interests. 
Appointed not elected, with an absolute veto over any local administration or local democratic consensus. 

So what of it. 

Today although the position still exists , currently held by Harrow educated Englishman Michael Lawrence Riddell-Webster, it has been reduced to little more than a ceremonial post, however the machinery  of colonial power  it had once wielded has been  gradually  transferred to what we know as the  Scottish Office, a more 'democratic' façade to the face of colonialism,   in which another appointee and loyal servant of the colonial establishment , 'Fluffy' Mundell resides.
This is now where the English colonial power of mastery, ownership and control resides in Scotland. Its no coincidence that over the last year or two the budget being expended on the Scottish Office has massively increased. The machinery of English colonialism is moving back inforce. 
In my opinion all efforts directed against the political representatives of the colonial establishment , the Tories, Labour, LibDems etc are for the most part a waste of our limited resources. Sure we must continue to articulate the case for independence which includes exposing the nonsense being spoken by the unionist parties ... but we should also realise that what we are up against is far bigger and stronger and more insidious than a hand full of corrupt politicians and mindless bigots. 
The English colonial establishment is big and wealthy and powerful.. whatever you think of them they are not fools. They can play chess every-bit as well as anyone else, and some would say better. 
All the many disparate political events that have been ‘entertaining’ us all for the last year or two ... are not disparate at all, but in my view are part of a detailed and carefully thought out strategy, on many levels and by many crown agencies, to ensure Scotland remains under English dominion.

We need to understand who and what the real targets are for  effective activism.
We need to expose  the true nature of the relationship that exists between England and Scotland. 
We need to stop playing by the colonists rules, stop doffing the cap and raise a middle finger.

Lastly as a footnote ... I leave you with this;
We’ve all seen the posts and meme's circulating the web about the atrocities of British Colonialism, which by and large are true.
We correctly condemn them. 
We rightly accept that the people condemned and brutalised  by British Colonialism as 'terrorists', as 'insurgents' and as in the case of the country I grew up in, the 'Mau Mau', were in fact freedom fighters justified in there actions by the fact they were given no alternative whatsoever to be able to voice their opinions nor claim their basic human right of freedom and self determination. 

The only difference between them and us ... is the colour of our skins.

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