Colonial Speak

I grew up in a post colonial African country, though I was there a number of years prior to the handing over of power and the emergence of the new independent sovereign nation of Kenya. I grew up watching and listening to 'Wasungu' colonial speak and attitudes towards the native peoples of Kenya.

Sometimes out and out racist and sometimes very inclusive and just. But always it seemed that somewhere in the dialogue was a near subliminal statement of mastery or control or ownership. More often than not I suspect those people, not red necks or ideologically extreme, were not even aware what they were saying. It was the way it was , it was and is how colonialism works.

I was never comfortable with it and at quite young age was able to identify those who were of the old order and those who were genuinely part of the new spirit of 'uhuru' and 'harembe' that followed independence.

Colonial Speak
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