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The Smell of Oil

The Smell of Oil

2016 Daily Record

EU's chief Brexit negotiator says Scotland gets 'automatic entry into union'.

FORMER Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt has been appointed to co-ordinate the European Parliament's response to the UK's bombshell departure.

D W "Of course he says that .. he knows where the oil is ... and he wants it just like the english."
D M "And pray tell how he gets the oil.......Not that I believe him anyway but I'm interested how the EU steals ones oil, in your own words."


First I would ask you to read this. A year or three out of date but nevertheless still reflects my overall view of Scotlands place in Europe.
Link to Scotland in Europe 

In order to answer your question I want first to mention a few points that clarify my position in a wider sense.

* I believe in establishing principles that thereafter define the boundaries within which we make our decisions and make policies . Far to often nowadays we see policies for the benefit of 'economy', 'profit' and personal 'greed' .. taking precedence over principle.   This is not just some whim statement. I am a passionate constitutionalist, involved daily in the development of ideas for a Scottish Peoples Constitution. I try hard to live my life by principles and not by the diktats and propagandised conditioning of those who believe in 'convenient' policy before principle.

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Just Skin Deep

Just Skin Deep

Looking back at 2014, it seems so far away now, but as we move into 18 and ever nearer to ScotRef2 , we must take stock of the much changed and constantly shifting political landscape that  is Scottish politics, in order to best navigate a sure path to Independence. 
My comments in this post are directed at just one of the  areas I have concerns about and that I believe the Yes movement as a whole are getting wrong and which is undermining  the effectiveness of all our efforts to advance the cause towards Scottish Independence.

Historically Scots people have been regarded as being more left than those south of the border in both a political and a cultural sense. They tend to be more socially orientated, more empathetic towards their neighbour than those further south and this is for good reason. We are a culture  born out of a nation   much of whose  population lived in very remote and climatically hostile settlements strung along the coastlines and glens of Scotland,  separated by vast uninhabited mountainous regions. Its not surprising that people regarded the well being of their neighbouring villages and towns , who were vital in the supply of goods and resources to them as they were to their neighbours next in the chain, its not surprising we still have the remnants of that empathy and connection in our culture today. 

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Scotland in Europe


Scotland in Europe” is not an empty phrase.
Scotland is in Europe whether we like it or not.
Scotland has always been in Europe and has benefited enormously from its contacts and connections there from mediaeval times to the present day.
I therefore stand for active participation by Scotland in European affairs.

Leaving aside the special chapter of post - independence cooperation between the nations of the so-called British Isles, the rash of European institutions that have emerged since World War (the new “European political architecture”) makes it imperative that Scotland should clarify its position in relation to continental Europe.

One such institution, the European Union, stands out from the others in a number of respects and demands special scrutiny here. The emphasis on political and economic institutions is necessary in this context, but it should not be allowed to overshadow the fact that Scotland will continue to enjoy a multitude of personal and communal links with continental European countries of a social, economic and cultural nature.

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Colonial Speak

Colonial Speak

I grew up in a post colonial African country, though I was there a number of years prior to the handing over of power and the emergence of the new independent sovereign nation of Kenya. I grew up watching and listening to 'Wasungu' colonial speak and attitudes towards the native peoples of Kenya.

Sometimes out and out racist and sometimes very inclusive and just. But always it seemed that somewhere in the dialogue was a near subliminal statement of mastery or control or ownership. More often than not I suspect those people, not red necks or ideologically extreme, were not even aware what they were saying. It was the way it was , it was and is how colonialism works.

I was never comfortable with it and at quite young age was able to identify those who were of the old order and those who were genuinely part of the new spirit of 'uhuru' and 'harembe' that followed independence.

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