A very Union Jack

Independence Scotland

The new Viceroy, Governor General, District Commissioner, Secretary of StateScottish secretary or whatever Colonial Title  you wish to use to label the post of ‘Keeper of the  Queens interests‘  in the Colony of Scotland, has been ‘appointed’.
More English than an Englishman, a Royalist and Unionist to the hilt of his medieval sword and an archer in the  Royal Company of Archers, the Queen’s official bodyguard unit in Scotland, he comes  we are told , to ensure our voice is heard in the long corridors of Westminster (and all the other palaces of Colonial power) . A party-line adherent, whose political style and viewpoint, like his predecessor, can only be described as ‘expedient’ or ‘chameleon like’ … to the extent that he has risen ( some might say ‘sunk’ ) to this undemocratic authoritarian post,  ‘snake-like’,  unnoticed, unchallenged and unelected. A post supposedly established to ‘defend’ Scotland’s best interests in Westminster and yet is filled without Scotland having any say.

Odd don’t you think?

Millionaire Alister ‘theUnion’ Jack, MP for D&G  is to head the Scottish Offices ( The English Colonial establishments forward operating base in Scotland. ) current and expanding strategy of establishing and reinforcing Crown mastery, control and ownership over  all things ‘Scottish’. His remit, backed by a huge budget and a compliant civil service,  will be to ensure that by all means  possible anything  that might possibly loosen England’s grip over Scotland is discredited, dismantled or destroyed.
He serves no other purpose!
Unlike his predecessor Fluffy Mundell, who was little more than a flip flopping cockwobble trying desperately to justify his right to breathe air, Alister ‘theUnion’ Jack … is on a  mission, under orders and fully backed at the highest levels of the colonial establishment,  to crush those rebellious Scots  and in doing so will have no hesitation in living up to the dark reputation  the  ‘Union Jack’ has in former colonies; aka the  ‘Butchers Apron.’

Don’t kid yourself that this is just another Tory fool, a buffoon like ‘our’ dear leader Boris or an irrelevance like Mundell or ‘General tank-straddler ‘ Davidson. What we see here is an educated, successful, wealthy man in his own right, with calculated political ambition, being given the power and resources to enact  his life long passion of actually ‘wearing a uniform and bearing arms‘ in the service of his monarch and in so doing, save her and her dominion from the scourge that is those troublesome blue faced ‘terrorist’ Nats!
Such an opportunity comes only ‘once in a generation’ and he knows it and if successful, with such a victory would undoubtedly come great Knightly rewards.
Don’t expect the wishy washy flippity flop incoherent ramblings of his predecessor … his calling is clear.

Don’t expect any real attempt by him to win political arguments  … that’s not his job.
Don’t expect the truth … the MSM will cover his back.

Don’t even expect him to try to be liked …. he doesn’t give a monkey’s toss what you think of him.
He isn’t in the job for your smile, as Fluffy so desperately was … He’s simply here to crush any possibility of a second referendum being won by the natives, by whatever means at his disposal, so he can sit in legendary magnificence at the feet of his beloved monarch, resplendent in perpetuity.

He represents a Clear and Present Danger to Scottish Independence and should not be underestimated by anyone.
His Voting record in Westminster shows his sleekitness, shifting seamlessly between the shadows of anonymity amongst the safe harmonies of party dogma, to occasional and revealing forays into more controversial, career enhancing charges. Neither one thing nor the other, swaying like a cobra, always on song but mindful of his dynamics. A spitting cobra indeed.
His mission is to destabilise the Independence Movement using  tactics employed successfully over recent years in various countries, to manipulate public perceptions and behaviour. With control over most MSM outlets and with vast sums being poured into online activity by his department, on social media and with other social engineering  tools, we will witness increasing divisions and tensions on our streets, as the process of Divide and Conquer polarises allies into opposing factions. Mass riots. False flag events. Fanning the fires of sectarianism and many things in between. All contrivances to divide and discredit the legitimate voice for Independence.
Underlining it all, the Scottish Backstop plan, of creating such turmoil that;
‘for the protection and safety of the law abiding citizenry of Scotland‘ . the disbandment of Holyrood, troops on our streets and direct rule from London will be both ‘justified’ and ‘imposed!

His mission is to dismantle the mechanisms by which the current nationalist Scottish Government might aide independence. At the top of the list is Holyrood itself, but there is a myriad of legal, political, governmental and commercial structures that will be targeted in order to disarm us before we ever get close to the front line.
Every thing that represents Scottishness, that might embolden another native uprising, where possible, will be dismantled or replaced or overwritten. The Britainisation ( ‘UK’ is now rarely used by London… too toxic! ) of Scotland, the One Nation mantra, will be ramped up several gears! Alister ‘theUnion’ Jack fully intends to drape Scotland north to south, east to west in the Butchers Apron.

The bottom line . His mission is to destroy all that he can’t de-stabilise, that he can’t dismantle or that which resists his offices more subtle machinations. With his legions of civil service archers  shielded by MSM swordsmen, all clad in heraldic cloth of a bygone age, Knight commander Alister theUnion Jack …. will … seek to lay waste any dreams of an Independent Scotland.
He will use all the agencies of the Colonial Crown Estate to character assassinate and undermine those with dissenting and influential Indy voices.
Slash and Burn will be the order of the day.
Destroy stable government in Scotland.
Destroy trust in Scotland’s devolved governments ability to deliver.
Destroy Scotland’s cultural and social harmony.
and most importantly,
Destroy Scotland’s sovereign identity.

… and why is it that England (the London-centric Colonial  Establishment) are so desperate to hang on to Scotland, to use whatever ‘force’ necessary to maintain the chains around the unicorn’s neck …the answer is simple … its all about the OIL.

Be warned ‘nothing in politics happens by chance’ . Union Jack has been given license and funding to do whatever he thinks necessary to squash the Indy rebellion. Unlike his predecessor, the  limp wristed Fluffy Mundell, Alister ‘theUnion’ Jack has the capacity, experience, political drive and ambition to deliver.  Underestimate him or worse, ignore him … and you will see the climb to the top of the Indy mountain suddenly get a whole lot steeper, possibly to steep to reach!

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